Ghostless - free minimalistic Ghost theme

[2014-05-19] - theme is now updated for Ghost 0.4.2.

Having just started playing around with Ghost I found it incredibly simple to build themes around it. And since Ghost is all about content, what could be better than a minimalistic theme for it?

Enter Ghostless.

Ghostless at it's origin is based on the excellent theme Less, by Jared Erickson.

It is basically a port from Wordpress to Ghost, but with a personal spin added.

So, what's new you ask?

  • Added the awesome Font Awesome CDN;
  • Share and social links in the footer;

Theme demo available here.
Unfortunatelly no demo is available at the moment - see the screenshot below.

Please feel free to fork it and spread the word around! Also, please report any issues/improvements via Issues / Pull requests on GitHub.